Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Joost: The Venice Project

"Yesterday we were The Venice Project... today we are Joost!

While we're still in beta, we hope that Joost will become synonymous with the best of TV and the best of the Web."

Fredrik de Wahl


A tip from reader Joost Schreve led us to the domain name Joost.com: if you click the “cancel” button multiple times an unformatted web page pops up with information about the Venice Project. We have subsequently confirmed that this is the actual launch name of the company."


"Finally, the online television startup from the founders of Skype has a production name: Joost. Of course, the premature hype streak lives on, as that URL is still password protected.

We have some new screenshots below the jump."

Janus Friis:

"Coming up with a new name for a new company can be a quite strange experience - it takes a totally disproportionate amount of time, it is hardly scientific and it inspires some very heated, emotional debates. But there you have it. And while it does not mean anything now we think it will come to mean great quality Internet TV the way it should be."

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