Tuesday, May 22, 2007

IBM staffs Second Life

IBM is set to staff a sales center in Second Life.

From eightbar:

"Virtual worlds are about connecting people. Kevin has just posted a video about the IBM branch office in Second Life.

The key to this is that it is staffed. When customers need something they get patched into a member of the IBM team. More details to come, but for now this video is great (IMHO)"

From IT Business CA:

"The new virtual business centre would function as a gathering place, according to Lee Dierdorff, IBM's vice-president of Web strategy and enablement. “IBM salespeople, clients, and partners can meet, learn, and collaborate, and conduct business,” he said. “It would be staffed by real salespeople -- not kiosks or robots.”

The virtual business centre would feature some of these Second Life denizens. It will be managed and staffed by 30 to 40 on-call IBM.com workers from within the sales and distribution unit, along with client reps, sales specialists, and business and technology support personnel. All would be volunteering in the centre on top of their day jobs; the centre would be fully staffed during North American, Latin American, and European time-zones.

Merely duplicating corporate headquarters in Second Life is insufficient, according to Dierdorff, who said that IBM thinks the “inherently social” aspect of Second Life is the key to a successful implementation of this new business centre."


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