Thursday, January 26, 2006

What is the Definition of Television?

Via Paid Content and David Beisel, there is this quote from a NAPTE presentation by David Katz, who oversees sports and entertainment for the Yahoo Media Group:

"The question that's really appropriate for a NATPE audience is what's the definition of television. ... If we’re going to narrowly define television as the content created by broadcast networks and cable networks that comes in on the big screen in your living room, that's one thing ... but I also think if you're talking about a video experience that comes into your home, it may be played on the big screen in your home, which, by the way, if you're getting an HD set today, at this point most of them come with an ethernet jack.

Are they TV sets in the traditional sense or are they large high-resolution computer monitors? If television is more broadly defined going forward as that video entertainment experience really consumed in the home or potentially on portable devices or your cell phones, in that sense, I think video search, which is right now really in its infancy, will play a very substantial and significant role because no longer are you talking about a 300-500 channel universe, you're talking about an unlimited universe, you're talking about a place where content can come from anywhere, everyone's a distributor if they want to be be, user generated content allows the proliferation of content and breaks down barriers that existed before."



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