Monday, February 13, 2006

Emily Chang is on Fire

Two fantastic articles co-written by Emily Chang.

"The Agile Web Design Manifesto, An Introduction"

Core principles of Agile Web Design
- Design the system not the surface
- Design as evolutionary and user-driven
- There is no page, only pathways
- Rapid and iterative over final
- Simplicity over complexity
- Collaborative and open design

"Design 2.0: Minimalism, Trancparency, and You"

One of the questions asked in each interview is “What is your design philosophy?”

In reading the current sixty interview responses, there’s a clear trend towards several key words that continue to appear in people’s answers:

  • simple
  • fast
  • intuitive
  • social
  • minimal
  • choice
  • useful
  • fun



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