Monday, March 13, 2006

NBC Pulls Portman Video from YouTube

Terry Heaton and Lost Remote predicted the move and it happened soon after the Lazy Sunday Portman video made it to YouTube.

From Terry's post:

"First of all, media companies don't determine who or what's cool in the 2.0 space (in truth, media companies don't determine anything in this world), because everything about it is self-selecting by users. NBC thinks its material is so compelling that it can force users to its Website, but that is a dangerously foolish assumption. The eyeballs at youTube are, in many ways, determining what other eyeballs will see, and NBC is competing for those eyeballs using a narrow, Media 1.0 formula.

Secondly, and this is critically important to understand, go back and read what the article says about the NBC brand. They're trying to build a sort of MySpace around the NBC brand, but they acknowledge that "people" think they're "just this old media brand." Well, yeah. And why is that? Because the network IS an old media brand. Just because you drag it to the internet and wave a flag saying "we're different" doesn't make it so in the minds of those "people." When will media companies realize that there's negative baggage in trying to move their brand to the web?"

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