Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hello Hiwire

Following up on this post about Aloha Partners, RCR News today covers the creation of a new subsidiary called Hiwire. Hiwire will compete with MediaFLO and Modeo.

From the article:

"Aloha Partners, backed by several wealthy investors with histories in cable and wireless infrastructure, has been buying 700 MHz spectrum (TV channels 54 and 59) and is ready to put the spectrum to use. The company claims to be the nation's largest 700 MHz spectrum holder with an average of 12 megahertz of spectrum covering 60 percent of the U.S., including holdings in the top 10 markets and 84 percent of the population in the top 40 markets.

Hiwire is testing Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld technology in Las Vegas, and plans to roll it out commercially later this year. Eventually, Hiwire expects to spend about $500 million to deploy mobile TV in the top 150 markets, said Scott Wills, Hiwire president and chief operating officer.

"Qualcomm is the CDMA manufacturer and my guess is that the CDMA carriers will embrace MediaFlo because it will be embedded. My suspicion will be that DVB-H will be a logical migration for GSM carriers in the United States," said Charlie Townsend, chief executive officer of Aloha Partners."

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