Monday, April 24, 2006

Sprint Links BlogStar

Sprint's newest social networking play is called BlogStar.

From Reuters:

"Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are back together.

In the wireless world, anyway. Both are participating in a new mobile blogging service offered by Sprint called BlogStar, which also counts Wesley Snipes, the Game and Bam Margera as contributors. The rich and famous stars are documenting their lifestyles with camera phones and posting pictures, text and, eventually, video to their personalized mobile blogs. Access to each blog costs $5 per month. Subscribers receive alerts when new posts are uploaded, to which they can leave replies as well as discuss content with other subscribers."

From BlogStar:

"BlogStar produces celebrity driven mobile entertainment allowing high-profile celebrities to create and distribute and array of mobile entertainment including text, picture, audio, video, and community features, direct to a global fan-base."

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