Friday, April 21, 2006

Jeff Pulver: Save the Internet, Win $1,000

Jeff Pulver is taking the Net Neutrality campaign to the people.

From business2Day:

"In a brave (and possibly futile) attempt to counter the lobbying and TV advertising dollars of the telcos and cable companies as Congress considers rewriting telecom law, Jeff Pulver is starting his own grass-roots media campaign to Save the Internet. The issue at heart here is Net Neutrality, and whether it should be legislated. Pulver thinks it should be, and is offering $1,000 to the best video or multimedia ad submitted. (Here are the official rules)."

From Jeff's site:

"We need to harness your individual genius and our collective genius (for isn't it the collective power of the Internet that makes it so remarkable?) to save the Internet, and we are willing to pay and give you eternal glory (or at least glory for as long as the Internet lasts).

Send us short, creative ideas -- videos and other Internet-based gimmicks -- that you think might effectively communicate to government that they must write rules to enable us the Internet innovators to transform the Internet and communications experience."

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