Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jeff Pulver's RBOC Smackdown

Jeff Pulver's open letter to Google's Eric Schmidt:

"Sometimes the best defense is a good offense."

Jeff write that the recent push by companies like BellSouth are ignoring a basic fact by trying to force a two tier internet. The services provided by companies like Google drive DSL subscriptions.

"Given the market power that Google has today, they are more relevant to the Internet community than BellSouth. Given that, if I were running Google today, I would choose to implement a BellSouth Boycott and stop offering access to Google to BellSouth customers and would start advertising Cox Cable service on any requests that came from BellSouth customers in their regions. I’m willing to wager that by Q3 2006, BellSouth’s DSL group will feel the effects of their grave error in judgment."



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