Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oliver Starr's take on Mobile Ads

Oliver Starr has an excellent post in reaction to the New York Times article on mobile advertisment. Go read the whole thing.

From the post:

"It seems to me there isn’t any question at all as to how something as disruptive, invasive and disrespectful of consumer privacy as advertising directly to cell phones will be perceived. It will be loathed, reviled, disliked and generally hated with a vehemence reserved only for people that cut off Los Angeles drivers during rush hour making them miss their exits. In short, it won’t be liked much at all - if you get my drift.

Perhaps you think I am over-reacting to this? Maybe. But ask yourself how you’ll feel when calls are interrupted because you passed by a Subway Store and it just so happens that at this same time yesterday you ate at one and paid using the RFID Payment system built into your phone? Think it couldn’t happen? I’m here to tell you that it could - and it will - if we allow the collecitve beneficiaries of these technologies to have their way.

This is an issue that is going to go white hot in 2006. Before now the technology to deliver real advertising simply wasn’t there yet, but today it is and it is going to happen. Unless we take control of our phones, by closing our wallets I think it’s a forgone conclusion that the next killer app will be a PCR - that is a Personal Cellular Recorder."



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