Tuesday, January 17, 2006

O2 Mobile TV Trial

Via Mobile Weblog, early results from the O2 mobile TV tests.

From the Article:

"Some 80% of people would subscribe to a mobile TV service, according to a trial of almost 400 users with specially adapted handsets, conducted in Oxford, UK, by mobile operator O2.

Participants in the trial, which has run in partnership with Arqiva, a broadcasting company, had access to 16 TV channels, including the BBC, Channel 4, Five and ITV. Viewers were found to be watching an average of three hours of mobile TV each week, with peak demand during the morning and evening commute periods and increased viewing during lunchtime hours.

O2 said 76% of participants indicated they would take up mobile TV services within the next year, while 83% confirmed satisfaction with their current service while around 33% expressed interest in bespoke mobile TV programming. The operator said 36% of respondents were people who used the service mostly at home, in comparison to 28% using the service while on the move and 23% using it at university or work."

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