Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mobile TV Huge by '09

TV Week has an article about a report done by Horizon Media on mobile TV.

From the article:

"Mobile TV in the U.S. will become an $800 million business in 2009 from a $16 million business in 2004, Yankee Group estimates.

The rise will likely be caused by the expected balloon in the number of U.S. cellphone customers who watch TV programs on their phones. While 1.2 million customers fit that bill in 2005, 15 million people will watch TV on the phone in 2009, predicts research company By 2009, more than 30 million wireless subscribers will be watching commercial TV and video on a handheld device, research firm IDC projects. Another research firm, In-Stat, says that figure will be closer to 20 million customers."

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