Monday, January 09, 2006

Yahoo! Connected Life SVP Interview

MocoNews has an interview with Marco Boerries, SVP - Connected Life, Yahoo!

From the interview:

Q: What happens when you’re not online?

Marco: I’m living on a “connected life” solution since over two years now, that’s when we started customer trials … it becomes addictive. The interesting thing is we’re hardly ever disconnected because my mobile is always there most of the time The ubiquity of connectivity is just going to increase. .… Obviously this is just the beginning, this revolution is not going to be over in a year or so, but if you think about the consumer services you can do if you have a fully connected world — that the consumer controls, that’s the important thing, you are the programmer, not that somebody is pushing out stuff constantly to you, you decide when you want to see and what you want to see — I think that’s a great opportunity.



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