Thursday, January 05, 2006

Marketing to Teens

eMarketer has a review of a Forester study on marketing to teens. Its a couple of days old but if you haven't seen it, here it is.

From the review:

"Marketers who seek to appeal to teen and young adult consumers should take advantage of their proclivity for using consumer electronics and entertainment devices, and for visiting Web sites about gadgets and gaming.

Over 90% own a gaming device, and three-quarters play online and offline games on their PC. Two main avenues are open for advertising through games: in-game advertising and advergaming.

Aside from ads integrated into games themselves, marketers would be wise to advertise on related Web sites. Young consumers spend more hours per week on the Net than adults, and Forrester found that much of this time is spent on sites related to gadgets and games — almost 80% visit games sites, almost 50% visit movie sites and over one-third visit music sites.

Forrester found that about 50% of 12 to 21 year-olds get purchasing advice from their friends and family, and 65% let others know what products they like."

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