Friday, December 30, 2005

Nokia NFC phones

Via elastic space, Nokia annouces plans for NFC phone and other NFC pilot projects.

From the article:

"Tom Zalewski, head of mobile payment and ticketing for Nokia Americas, which is supplying handsets for the current trial in Atlanta, says he can't give many details of the further tests planned for next year, but adds they will be considerably more ambitious. "It's fair to say you'll see in 2006 some trials where the phone is being used in commercial environments, in merchants that are frequented such as fast food and pharmacy," he says.

Zalewski also says Nokia will introduce another phone model for the tests, one that contains the NFC chip in the phone itself. The Nokia 3220, in use in the Atlanta pilot, has the chip embedded in its changeable cover. The new NFC phone, Zalewski says, "will be a fully integrated product."

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