Friday, December 30, 2005


StickyShadows by Socialight is another virtual graffiti project.

From the site: How is it used?
  • I leave a note for all my friends at the mall to let them know where I'm hanging out. All my friends in the area see it.
  • A woman shows all her close friends the tree under which she had her first kiss.
  • An entire neighborhood gets together and documents all the unwanted litter they find in an effort to share ownership of a community problem.
  • A food-lover uses Socialight to share her thoughts on the amazing vanilla milkshakes at a new shop.
  • The neighborhood historian creates her own walking tour for others to follow.
  • A group of friends create their own scavenger hunt.
  • A tourist takes place-based notes about stores in a shopping district, only for himself, for a time when he returns to the same city.
  • A small business places StickyShadows that its customers would be interested in finding.
  • A band promotes an upcoming show by leaving a StickyShadow outside the venue.


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