Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Robin Good's Four "P" of 2006

Robin Good posting about the coming deluge of user created content points to four principles of the next cycle. "Investing in users in 2006 will be revolving around four trendy "Ps" that are shaping content today:
  • packaging
  • platform
  • premium and
  • personalization."
"Packaging content for optimal search engine placement and performance was an important key to profitable electronic publishing in the early 2000s, but 2006 will find publishers and content technology companies moving towards more effective contexts in which to organize and monetize content usefully.

The platforms emerging for publishing and using content in 2006 will be both far more diverse and far more focused on what individuals and institutions need to do as both publishers and users of content.

Even as a proliferation of user-generated media and open archives of books and other newly digitized materials challenges the value of content produced by mainstream publishers there will be greater investment in 2006 in ways to accommodate both open access to content and value-add levels of content that require subscriptions or other premium access schemes.

2006 will see an explosion of services aimed at capitalizing on more personalized and localized publications and publishing for users."


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