Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Firms predict big growth in Online Advertising

Via Lost Remote, from Yahoo News:

"JMP Securities on Tuesday raised its global advertising forecast for not only this year but for next year and beyond. The firm now expects the global online ad market to grow at a 25% clip annually for the next five years, up from a previous forecast in the low 20% range.

In the next year the Wall Street firm expects the online ad market to grow to $26.4 billion worldwide and to $33.2 billion in 2007.

Forrester Research, meanwhile, said that those who have the Internet are spending more than 30% of their media time nowadays online, a metric that prompted JMP to increase its market share expectations for Internet advertising in the U.S.

JMP now expects online advertising at $13.2 billion in the United States this year, or 4.7% of total advertising revenue, to soar to $35.9 billion in 2010, when the Internet will command 11.1% of all ad dollars spent."



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