Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Intel invests in Wifi positioning

From Daily Wireless, Intel is investing in Wifi positioning company Skyhook.

From the Telephony article:

Skyhook has developed a positioning system using the broadcasted media access controller (MAC) addresses of every Wi-Fi access point it can find. Instead of relying on cellular triangulation or GPS, Skyhook has created a nationwide map of Wi-Fi access points, gateways and hot spots, which it compiles into a database on top of which location-based services can be built. Every access point emits a unique MAC signature, which can be read by any Wi-Fi device regardless of whether it has permission to access the network. By pinpointing these locations on a map, Skyhook uses two or more Wi-Fi access points and the relative strength of their signals to extrapolate a devices location within 20-40 meters.


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