Tuesday, December 20, 2005

2006: All about NFC

From Contactless News, an article by Christophe Duverne, VP of Sales and Marketing for Philips Semiconductors writes: "it (NFC) will change the way consumers use their mobile phones forever, enabling them to do things they never thought possible, like entering a sports stadium with an electronic ticket on their mobile phone, or pay for their groceries using their mobile phones at checkout. The possibilities are immense."

"Mobile payment and transactions with NFC exploit two basic principles of modern society: everyone needs to pay for products and everyday services and just about everyone carries a phone. Results from these worldwide implementations are demonstrating that consumers everywhere like the convenience of mobile payment.

The technology is there, the consumer interest is there, the infrastructure is there. All that’s needed now is more imagination to devise more innovative applications and operators to facilitate more roll-outs."

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