Sunday, December 18, 2005

Virtual Meetings: HP and Dreamworks present Halo

In the "why is this taking so long" catagory, via SmartMobs, HP and Dreamworks recently annouced a virtual meeting product/service called Halo.

From the article: "Customers must purchase two rooms to start, and each room costs about US$550,000 to install. The installation prices decrease if the customer commits to a larger purchase. HP must maintain the network for a monthly fee of $18,000 per room for U.S. customers; service costs will vary in other countries."

From the HP press release: "This technology has profoundly impacted our ability to collaborate across geography, enabling us to bring people together without the cost and burden of travel. It has fundamentally changed how we run our business," says Ed Leonard, Chief Technology Officer, DreamWorks Animation SKG.

I really don't like to travel so as soon as the price comes down a bit, or you can buy it from eBay, I will be meeting virtually all the time.


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