Thursday, December 15, 2005

ConnexTo from Nextcode

In thinking about Digital Graffiti, I have been talking to Nextcode about their camera phone barcodes. Recenty Nextcode unvieled a consumer service called ConnexTo:

"Use your camera to take you to websites in a snap. Enter SMS messages without wearing out your fingers. Share detailed contact info with just a click.

ConnexTo makes your phone smarter, your life easier and your fingers a lot happier.

Just load application on your phone and you’re ready to do a lot more than take pictures. At you can create your own codes, share them and then connect with friends, co-workers, content and an entirely new mobile experience.

ConnexTo. It’s easy. It’s fun. And — best of all — it’s FREE."

From the Nextcode site:

"With Nextcode, a picture’s worth a thousand new ways to leverage the new generation of mobile services.

With Nextcode, you can turn traditionally passive marketing vehicles like ads, posters, collateral — even TV commercials — into active, revenue generating, data mining resources that capitalize on the new generation of mobile users and services. With a single click on any camera phone, users can bypass the entire key-in process and go straight to the information they seek. What were once daunting barriers to use — the constraints of the keypad and the small screen — are now gone which means users can easily scan a barcode to connect to product information, content, commerce or services. With Nextcode, you can:

• Leverage advertising into real revenue
• Extend traditional brands into mobile content and
• services
• Track effectiveness of specific campaigns
• Put a storefront into the hands of mobile users
• Deliver more mobile content faster to more users
• Improve customer service with one-click support"

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