Thursday, December 15, 2005

How people use thier phones

Buogiorno release a survey report from 5,000 people in the EU, US and Africa that says 2/3 of people list downloading content as the tird favorite thing to do after voice and SMS. One thing that MocoNews pulls out is this:

"The release says “one unique finding is that younger users often sleep with their phones and use them as an alarm clock”…apparently a lot of people are surprised that the alarm clock function gets used — I’ve previously come across people saying it should be removed to make room for other things because no-one uses it. Personally, I was using the alarm clock function from the time I first bought my mobile — it was easier than my other alarm clock."

I have used my cell phone as my alarm clock for a long time. The big advantage is I always have it with me.



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