Thursday, December 15, 2005

Internet video services

Brightcove keeps popping up in the news. From Steve Safran at Lost Remote:

"I've been beta testing the new Flash video production tool from fledgling company Brightcove. I gotta tell ya - it's terrific. The Flash video is outstanding, especially when encoded with On2 Flix software. Its all-web interface couldn't be easier. Brightcove is far more than a Flash or production tool, mind you. They are offering advertising, paid content and syndication, and will roll out other streaming formats next year.

Eric Elia at Brightcove tells LR: "It's our hope and intention for Brightcove to become an essential online service for building Internet TV businesses - with full choice and control for publishers over user experience, monetization and syndication." Nice to see "monetization" there, isn't it? Look for my beta to go public next week."

I have also been watching Veoh Networks:

"Using Veoh's free software, you can watch Full-Screen Internet Television, with access to shows that you could never find on traditional television networks. No matter what your interest or taste, chances are that you will find what you're looking for on Veoh. Give it a try, it's completely free.

Want to create your own TV show, or a whole TV channel? Veoh allows you to broadcast Full-Screen television shows to the world, free of charge, even if you get millions of viewers. Start broadcasting today, it's free and easy."

Veoh has an impressive team pulled together and provides updates about the company on its blog.

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