Friday, December 16, 2005

Cingular 3G Launch

Darla Mack has a nice write up about the launch of Cingular's 3G service. From the press release:

β€œHSDPA/UMTS gives us the singular advantage of offering simultaneous voice and data services to our customers.For businesses and consumers, this means more feature rich services and content,” said Kris Rinne, chief technology officer for Cingular.β€œIt also provides a lower cost method for carrying traffic and more efficient use of spectrum.”

Customers can purchase either a Sierra Wireless AC860 or Novatel U730 laptop modem card for $99.99, after rebate, when they sign up for a qualifying voice plan and introductory two-year $59.99 Unlimited Data Connect plan.A variety of monthly data plans are available starting at $19.99 for 5 MB.

An updated version of Cingular Communication Manager is included with the laptop modem cards.The software gives customers the flexibility to connect to BroadbandConnect, EDGE, GPRS or public and private Wi-Fi hotspots.


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