Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Little Springs Design LBS recommendations

Little Springs Design has a nice overview of LBS recommendations.
  • Alert the user (replicates an Ortiz recommendation) that data is being collected - manage the privacy notice well
  • Give the user control (expands an Ortiz recommendation) about whether to collect data
    • For safety applications, turning location tracking off should be difficult, with lots of confirmations
    • For convenience applications, turning location tracking off should be easy
  • Ensure that there is a visual flag for ongoing data collection, especially for background applications (especially important if your application obscures the device‚Äôs status icons, but relevant regardless)
  • Protect the data (replicates an Ortiz recommendation)
    • Data on device should not be discoverable by other applications (a determined hacker can take apart the data on the device, so go ahead and encrypt it)
    • Data transmitted should be encrypted
    • Data stored on server should be protected"



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