Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Flipping over Flipping

The VC bloggers are all chatting about Dare Obasanjo's post about Building a company to flip. Don Dodge weighs in as does Rick Segal and David Beisel. I guess it started with Om talking about Meebo. Om now also points to Greg Yardley and Will Hsu.

Dare: “That leaves the people, according to the Meebo team page there are three people; a server dev, a DHTML/AJAX dev and a business guy (likely to be useless overhead in an acquisition). The question then is how many million dollars would Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft think is worth for the skills of both [most likely excellent] developers?”

Don: “One superstar engineer/visionary like Ray Ozzie is worth 100 really great engineers. And, one really great engineer is worth another 100 good engineers. This is the normal order of things, yet few CEOs understand this. The truth is you need all levels of talent to build out a team, but without the superstar it will be tough to win.”