Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The other side of the Two Internets

Mark Cuban is good at stirring things up. His recent post called, "American Idol of Search - your search isn't my search," has gotten some traction. Responding to Om's post about Wink titled, "People Power Vs Google", Mark is basically saying that there already is a bifurcation of news and information and it conforms to a very political outlook of the world - either you get your news from FOX or from CNN.

Marks says, "I have zero doubt that in the future there will be sliders or some equivalent that represent “the flavor” of search that users will look for. Looking for information about the war in Iraq… push the slide rule to the right till you reach Bill OReilly flavored search, or slide it to the left for the Al Franken flavor. The results are then influenced by the brand you prefer to associate with."

He ends with a memorable statement: "The Web 3.0 - You stay on your side of the web and I will stay on mine."