Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fimoculous 2006 predictions (with humor!)

Yeah, I know the 2006 prediction thing was old last week but this one is funny. I pulled a few.


4) A new Pew study will reveal something about internet use that will be drastically over-cited by people who are reading this blog post.

6) Showtime will pick up Arrested Development. And then Showtime will announce a deal with iTunes in which the show becomes the first of its kind to have more viewers watching via portable player than on tv.

11) Someone in Seattle or San Francisco will get beaten to death at a dinner party after saying the words "Web 2.0" for the five-trillionth time before the first course.

22) Mary-Kate and Ashley will return. Where the hell did they go, anyway? Some upcoming indie film director will cast them in a "quirky New York film" with Parker Posey playing their mom. Gen-Xers suddenly realize they're the next Baby Boomers.

28) Ten major cities will release city-wide WiFi.

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