Thursday, December 29, 2005

FeliCa Survey

From the Japan Mobile Marketing Magazine, produced by D2 Communications, a study on users adoption and interest in FeLiCa.

From Wikipedia:

Sony FeliCa is a contactless IC chip smart card system. The technology is used by Singapore's EZ-link system and Suica from JR East railway company as well as the Nagasaki Smart Card system in Nagasaki, Japan. All these however use more updated versions of the technology, compared with the older Octopus cards system in Hong Kong where FeliCa technology first gained widespread acceptance and use.

From the report (back in March 2005):
  • 55.2% of users don’t have an i-mode FeliCa phone but would like to try one.
  • 79.1% of males want to use i-mode FeliCa to make payments at convenience stores and shops, 68.6% of females want to use them to accumulate loyalty points on membership cards.
  • 89.5% are concerned about having trustworthy security when using i-mode FeliCa.

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