Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Nokia vs MOT

This article states that the MOT mobile interface is now out performing the Nokia interface in terms of usability (via MocoNews.)

From the article:

"Of the 10 handsets tested, the two Nokia's ranked as the worst and third poorest performers respectively in terms of the time taken to find, download and install content. Both used the Series 60 interface. Users with the worst performing Nokia device took an average of 436 seconds to complete a download operation, some 159 seconds (nearly 3 minutes) more than the overall average across the 10 handsets in the study.

The 6010 ranked 9th with 15.4 percent of owners accessing content services, while Motorola's top-ranking model (the RAZR V3 - 2nd overall) recorded a 47.7 percent 'conversion rate'. Sanyo's SCP-8200 was top of the list at 49.9 percent, a result M:Metrics attributed to the close integration between the Sanyo hardware and Sprint's network services."

From the M:Metrics release:

"There are several contributing factors that make one device more compelling than another for mobile content consumption," observed Seamus McAteer, chief product architect and senior analyst, M:Metrics. "The Sanyo SCP-8200 has the highest conversion rate in the industry thanks to Sprint's clean implementation of browser-based services, and the RAZR's large, bright LCD promotes use of browser-based services and game downloading. Furthermore, given the cachet of the RAZR as a stylish handset, RAZR owners are more likely to accentuate the statement they make with their handset with the latest tones."

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