Friday, January 06, 2006

Yahoo Go

MocoNews has a great rundown of the new Yahoo Go initiative.

From MocoNews:
  • Yahoo Go Mobile is a set of communications and media applications, including Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Photos, calendar, address book, Web and image search, news, sports and finance. The services will be preloaded on Nokia Series 60 mobile phones and available in 10 countries worldwide, and available to Cingular and AT&T customers in U.S.
  • Yahoo Go TV, which will be available before April, will make entertainment-related services available on any PC-connected TV through a small downloadable app. The services include local and video search, including access to content from CNN and MTV, movie trailers, and other info from My Yahoo. The service will be free but will have ads.
  • Yahoo Go Desktop brings a suite of services to PCs that do not rely on a browser, essentially bringing all the Yahoo apps and services on the desktop.

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