Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Portal Wars

MocoNews pulls some highlights from a report by The Shosteck Group called "The Portal Wars: Where Next for the Mobile Internet."

From the post:

"The prediction is that users will have greater control over their ability to access, store and interact with content, devices and services, facilitated by a Personal Service Portal which will have three main attributes:
  • On-demand: combination of storage on local device or the network as well as broadcast capability
  • Relevant: right time, right place, right price
  • Interactive: a more engaging and immersive experience"

“This future vision is one where the user is in control – choosing services and content on-demand that are relevant to them, that meet their needs at any given time, where ever they are, at a price that fits the purpose, using the device they choose,” stated John Darnbrough, Senior Associate of The Shosteck Group.

Jane Zweig, Chief Executive Officer of The Shosteck Group, said that mobility will be an important cog in the connected wheel rather than the center, and the group said that “operators must accept that the premium for mobility is significantly lower than they believe it is today even though few alternatives will compete on a like for like basis with mobile networks for many years, if at all. The mobility premium is not yet dead, but it will come under increasingly heavy attack”.



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