Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Power of Mobility for Business

Russ McGuire, Director of Business Strategy for Sprint has another post up about mobility. This time it is the power of mobility for businesses.

From the post:

The power of mobility can be realized in many ways. In the simplest of terms, mobility can help my people do their jobs with higher quality and higher efficiency while reducing my expenses. Still thinking generically, here are some ways to think about mobility creating power:
  • Mobility enables me to reduce wasted time and effort.
  • Mobility enables me to be more responsive to my customers.
  • Mobility enables me to have better information available to make good decisions.
  • Mobility enables me to communicate better with my co-workers, suppliers, and customers.
  • Mobility enables me to correlate information in real-time as I need it, where I need it, to complete tasks quickly.
  • Mobility enables me to do my job in the location that makes me most productive and successful.



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