Thursday, May 04, 2006

CBS Launchs Me2 Broadband Channel

Its not your father's network anymore. Well, yeah, it kind of is. In a bid to grab attention during the upfronts, CBS is launching a broadband channel.

From Broadcast & Cable:

"The network plans to debut its ad-supported free broadband channel as soon as Thursday, according to sources close to the network.

The channel will feature mainly original content, with some material connected to programming currently on CBS. The site will most likely not launch with full-length episodes of shows airing on the broadcast network, according to sources close to the matter, although the network plans to stream full-length episodes of shows online in the future, as ABC begun doing with four of its series this week.

The site was expected to be fodder for discussion at the network's upcoming affiliates meeting. CBS executives are in talks with affiliates now and say they the network is extremely concerned with affiliate relations regarding the subject."


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