Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Telco Reform: No Net Neutrality

Daily Wireless has a follow up to TechDirt and the CNET article.

From the post:

"Telecom reform or not?

Here are some parts of Sen. Ted Stevens' proposal to rewrite U.S. telecommunications laws:

Audio broadcast flag
Devices would be banned based on "consensus" of FCC-created review board, which has a year to do this.

Broadband taxes
Taxes would be imposed on VoIP and broadband providers.

Child pornography
FCC would be asked to come up with rules banning child porn on local video services.

Municipal broadband
Cities and states could set up their own networks, with some restrictions.

Net neutrality
No new powers for FCC; it would publish a report instead.

Video broadcast flag
Some over-the-air receivers likely would be banned within six months, but regulations allow some fair use.

VoIP providers
Companies offering Internet phone services would increasingly be regulated and taxed as traditional phone companies."

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