Thursday, April 27, 2006

Apple TV

Lost Remote has some thoughts about how much Apple has changed the world of TV, and maybe its just getting started.

From the post:

"This is just a quarter of Apple's booth, which as a whole is packed with 500+ people. This group is watching a demo of Final Studio Pro on the new MacBook Pro -- high-def editing and full studio effects on a laptop. Says one of the Apple guys, "Apple just killed the idea of a $300,000 edit suite."

Beyond the fact Apple brought studio-quality editing to desktops and laptops -- and captured a major segment of the TV production market -- they opened up non-linear editing to the masses. Millions of people have bought a copy of Final Cut Pro. Teenagers know how to edit on it.

There's a powerful lesson here for TV. Think beyond your existing (decreasing) consumer base and traditional business models. Think of your consumers as anyone with any interest in media (everyone.) Then empower them. Become facilitators to help them manage your content... and their content."



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