Thursday, April 27, 2006

Helio's Got Mad Game

Following a press release (PDF) from Helio, MocoNews has some highlights.

From MocoNews:

"There’s some interesting features based on SK Telecom technology: “The ability to “gift,” or purchase and share favorite games with another Helio member, or “beg” another Helio member to purchase a favorite game for you”. There’s also a rental option to test out the game. Perhaps more useful is the partnership with games site IGN, which will see independent games ratings and reviews for the games on the service.

“The game service also offers Helio members a number of custom tools including animated previews of in-game footage for titles, “cheat codes” free-of-charge for purchased games, a “wish-list” function that allows you to catalog favorite games for purchase later, and a “download locker” for free-of-charge re-downloads of purchased games.”

Helio needs to differentiate itself based on content and user interface so I expect all the different types of content will be presented in a unique way."

From the press release: (PDF)

"The Helio game service features an original user interface that expands the expereince with updates and information beyond and dull list of games. Unique to Helio is the integration of independant games and reviews through a partnership with, a leading internet videogame and entertainment destination. Posted on individual profile screens for each game, this information allows members to gain expert insight into games before the purchase through a direct connection to the gaming community.

Partners include:

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