Thursday, May 25, 2006

Microsoft to Buy Third Screen Media?

Wow - Carlo at MobHappy points to a WSJ article on Microsoft buying Third Screen Media.


"In addition to already having a good client base, what impressed me about Third Screen was its understanding of what’s needed for ad-supported content to succeed, both in terms of a platform for media buyers and ad agencies to use, as well as the necessity of working in concert with operators.

The move also highlights Microsofts push to get a jump on Google in the online advertising market, and confirms that mobile will play a big part of it. Exciting times for as-supported mobile content."


"Microsoft's interest in Third Screen is the latest indication of the increasing focus on cellphone advertising among content publishers, major brands and advertisers. Mobile ad spending, which was just $45 million in 2005, is expected to swell to $1.3 billion by 2009, according to the technology consultancy Ovum."

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