Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Brightcove and Limelight Networks Partnership

Brightcove is on fire this week!

From the press release:

"Internet TV pioneer Brightcove and Limelight Networks, the world's leading Internet content delivery network for digital media, today announced a strategic partnership to bring advanced services and next-generation business models to the growing Internet TV industry.
  • Brightcove will use Limelight's massively scalable, high-performance digital media content delivery network to distribute Internet TV content published through Brightcove to audiences worldwide. Using Brightcove, content owners of any size will automatically have access to Limelight's industry-leading delivery infrastructure--ensuring a high-quality media experience for their audiences.
  • Through the Limelight content delivery network, Brightcove will support distributing broadband video in a variety of formats (including Adobe Flash streaming video, Windows Media video, and MPEG-4) to a wide range of Internet-connected devices, including PCs, handheld devices, and home-networked TV sets.
  • By working together, Brightcove and Limelight will accelerate the adoption of innovative Internet TV business strategies including both pay media sales and the next-generation of broadband video advertising--providing aggregated, targeted audiences to advertisers, great experiences for consumers, and new revenue opportunities for content owners.
Using Limelight's ultra-scalable broadband content delivery services, Brightcove can reliably deliver interactive, rich-media experiences that go well beyond what traditional broadcast and cable TV can offer. To that end, Limelight provides over 200 gigabits per second of Adobe Flash Media streaming delivery capacity online to enable Brightcove to meet the broadband publishing and distribution needs of its growing customer base of video content producers."

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