Wednesday, May 17, 2006

WaveMetrics Mobile TV Survey Results

WaveMetrics has the April mobile user survey online. (PDF) Users commented on Mobile TV.

From the Survey:

"As a relatively new product, consumers were excited by all aspects of mobile TV. Quality and value for money were foremost in consumer's minds, between them capturing nearly all of the buzz. Overall, however, there was an even spread of opinions across all catagories. Consumers beleive mobile TV is an exciting prospect, but aren't convined of its usability.

Analysis of mobile TV buzz revealed a neutral overall score. Consumers feel mobile TV is an exciting prospect allowing them to watch TV at a moment's notice wherever they are. It was also seen as particularly useful for those who travel frequently.

The most discussed topic, quality, achieved a neutral score, with consumers reporting mixed opinions as to picture and audio quality. Usability was seen as a particular problem, with consumers citing heavy battery usage and frequent connection problems.

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