Wednesday, May 17, 2006

MyNetworkTV Upfront News

PaidContent has some news about teh unfront presentation from MyNetworkTV.

From PaidContent:

"MNT, which has 82% distribution as of today, hopes to bank on English-language telenovelas–”short dramatic series” to push the network. Each serial will have a 13-week story arc with a new story starting every three months.

The online side involves News Corp-owned The site will showcase the show characters doing everything from explaining the latest storylines to offering fashion tips and cooking hints.

On the site, the network plans to feature 3,000 original video clips related to its dramas, as well as related content such as fashion tips from a fashion-themed drama and recipes from a novela star who is a chef. Also on its site, MNT execs say there will be ample opportunities for sponsorships and advertisements."

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