Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Interpublic Makes Tivo's Upfront

Interpublic and Tivo strike an deal at the upfront.

From Clickz:

"The multi-million dollar upfront arrangement affords the media agency holding company preferred pricing and ad opportunities on the DVR service for all its clients including Sony, Intel, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft.

"As we looked around at our client base, and shifting media especially, it made sense for us to lock in some preferential pricing for our clients," explained David Cohen, EVP and U.S. director of digital communication at Interpublic's Universal McCann.

He did point to TiVo's broadband and commerce capabilities as possible campaign components. Cohen also noted that Interpublic expects to develop customized advertising opportunities for its clients as a result of the deal.

TiVo said in a statement that the Interpublic deal is its first upfront arrangement with a major advertising holding company. Interpublic's new Emerging Media Lab division organized the deal. Cohen described the new unit as "the nexus of digital communication and innovation for [Interpublic Group]."

Through the Emerging Media Lab, the firm's agencies, including Universal McCann, Initiative, and MAGNA Global, share best practices across clients and conduct proprietary trials, according to Cohen."


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