Thursday, May 11, 2006

Two Factor Authentication for Gamers

Nick at the WiKID blog points to a recent article in Information Week about the rise of trojans targeting World of Warcraft gamers.

From WiKID:

"Now that you can sell virtual items for real cash, attackers are targeting online gamers. According to Information Week, there is now a trojan targeting World of Warcracft passwords, PWS.Win32.WOW.x .

There are over 3.5 million WoW gamers out there, which is bigger than most US banks in terms of number of users."

From Information Week:

"Win32.WOW is a clear indication that malware writers are targeting anything that involves money," said MicroWorld chief executive Govind Rammurthy in a statement. "Bucks may be smaller compared to a Trojan that steals bank accounts or credit card numbers...[but] cyber criminals are not complaining as long as the target is soft and numbers are high."


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