Friday, June 09, 2006

Umundo Mobile Video Uploading

From OkDork, via MobileCrunch:

"The application lets you send video you capture on your mobile phone to and then, simply by entering your phone number on the site you can view the video online or cooler, grab the code that will allow you to embed your video in other pages, like your MySpace profile.

Umundo is also very similar to another company, Abazab that itself is in a closed private beta but which offers a very similar application of uploading video direct from your phone and then providing you with code to post that video on other places where you might want it displayed.

Both of these are pretty cool applications and I can see very rapid adoption in the MySpace demographic as this takes picture sharing to a whole new level that I would call “life-sharing” or “virtual presence”. My expectation is that the next step is simply peer to peer real time image streaming, first from phone to PC and the from phone to phone. The Nokia mobile webserver application would actually support this right now on a network with sufficient bandwidth."

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Blogger ashish said...

I Think now Umundo has launched mobile application also to publish video or audio from mobile.

March 26, 2008  

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