Monday, June 05, 2006

MEM: EA VP Javier Ferreira

From MocoNews, EA's Javier Ferreira discusses EA's new strategy for mobile games.

From MocoNews:

"To this end EA will be investing “millions” to integrate mobile in its marketing message. The company will also refocus on its local level publishing presence to tap into ideas and identify what’s hot in individual markets and regions.

That’s EA’s roadmap - but what should the rest of the industry do to drive performance? Ferreira gave his top pick of the issues the industry must address to bring back high growth rates:
  1. Operators need to reduce the number of partners they deal with (and no doubt drive a stake through the heart of vampire publishers).
  2. Operators need to launch fewer games with more value. (Games need a longer shelf life and improved promotion.)
  3. Operators need to ease the squeeze on publishers. This is not ringtones and operators can’t seek the same margins. Games require time and R&D - and that effort should be reflected in the revenue share.

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