Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bebo Bigger than MySpace in the UK

Mashable points out that Bebo has over taken MySpace for traffic in the UK.

From the post:

"For the week ending August 5th, Bebo was the most visited social network in the UK, and its market share of visits has grown 17% in the past two weeks. 1 in every 135 UK visits goes to Bebo, which is now the 11th most visited site on the Internet.

Another interesting tidbit: Bebo is the number one social network in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Xanga leads in Hong Kong, and Friendster leads in Singapore. MySpace maintains its lead in the US and Australia.

In related news, there are rumors circulating that Viacom is in talks to buy Bebo. But since we’ve already seen (inaccurate) rumors of a Bebo acquisition by BT, it’s probably best to treat this as speculation."

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