Thursday, August 17, 2006


From TechCrunch:

"Today PopSugar is actually four distinct network sites. PopSugar itself, the largest site, is a blog about celebrity news and gossip. DearSugar is an “advice site dedicated to helping readers solve issues revolving around guys, job, money, sex, friends, and family”. FabSugar is a blog discussing “all must-have-now fashion and beauty products”. TeamSugar is what ties everything together - it’s a Myspace-type social network where readers can join, add their profile and interact with eachother. There are a lot more sites in the works - Brian told me about twelve of them that are in the planning stage when we spoke earlier this week.

The group of sites is serving over 13 million monthly page views and 1.5 million unique visitors. To get an idea of how rabid PopSugar readers are, check out this page that shows new comments being submitted in real time. This is an incredibly active community."

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