Monday, October 16, 2006

From the Mouths of Sheep: Reuters HUD

The Electric Sheep have two posts about the Reuters project and specifically about the in-world HUD.

ESC1: Chris

"A number of Reuters news feeds including the Second Life feed is available in-world via RSS. A heads up display is available for FREE which lets readers receive the daily news headlines throughout the day while they are interacting with other parts of the 3D world. This is one of a handful of useful “applications” in Second Life. When you spend the kinds of hours the Electric Sheep do in-world a news HUD is an exciting device.

Stand-alone RSS readers are available (for FREE) for your home or business. Wall-mounted and stand-alone displays are available so people can read and discuss the news together."

ESC2: Giff

"We created a heads-up display (visible top-left in image above) that has a live feed of news headlines. You can click on the headlines to read the full story on the website. You can also click on the thought bubble icon to add your name to a list of residents who are interested in the category, see who else is interested, and teleport to a discussion room on Reuters island. I believe that the names stay active for an hour, so it is time-sensitive.

Note: ESC building and scripting/programming team: Hank Hoodoo, Barnesworth Anubis, Digi Vox, Iron Fan with assistance from Cory Edo, DNA Prototype, Forseti Svarog."



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