Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dell in Second Life

TechCrunch doesn't have an update yet but there is this from the Direct2Dell blog.

From the post:

"Just a few minutes ago, Ro Parra, our senior vice president for Dell’s Home and Small Business division hosted a virtual press conference along with Founder and CEO of Linden Labs, Phillip Rosedale to kick off our presence there.

Dell Island consists of a 64-acre area of land that features a welcome area, a Dell factory, a conference facility, a museum and more. Residents will have lots of ways to interact in world with Dell. In the factory, for example, residents can see 3-D interactive views of products, build their own systems in world, and even order real systems from Dell.com.

Initially, we’ll offer the residents the option to order XPS M1710 notebook in world. The XPS 710 gaming desktop that we launched today will be available for order soon. "

Images from Dell/SL:

Dell Island

Dell Conference


"Second Life residents can use the in-world scripting language to configure their new virtual Dell PCs to perform a number of simple tasks, such as alerting a resident when their friends are nearby, said Rosedale. But for the most part, the virtual PCs are "accessories," he said. "Linden dollars," the in-world currency, will be accepted for virtual PCs but good old-fashioned U.S. dollars are required for a real PC."

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